Drilling Rig Data Management Appliance


Real-time data is processed and resolved into strongly typed data models that provision context. Data lifecycle updates trigger events that ship data to your configured internal or external subscribers.

Raw Speed

Process up to 1.3 million updates per second. Apollo utilizes a distributed architecture to distribute workloads. If your application demands larger throughput, let's talk about scale.


Planes do not fly without their blackbox. It's simply too risky. How does your organization handle operations risk management? Apollo is a tamper-proof historian serving as the first upstream drilling rig blackbox.

A Historic Fable

OASYS' APOLLO is the data-driven appliance focused on solving critical Oil and Gas (O & G) industry problems with benefits of open source technology, blockchain solutions, and smart contracts. We combine open source hardware and software technologies to solve the Trust issues that have always existed between Exploration and Production (E&P) companies, Drilling Contractors, and Service Companies. OASYS APOLLO creates an integrated appliance that achieves the permanent orderly storage of operational data, equipment analytics, and transactional event recording never before available in the industry. This solves many complex operational problems for the operation teams on-site as well as becomes a major risk management solution as the data ledger is undeletable, tamper-resistant, and traceable. Ultimately, OASYS APOLLO is the only platform holistically addressing the most crucial industry problems, such as limitedness due to the lack of information, lack of transparency and, consequently, Lack of Trust.

Despite recent industry advancements in technology; the existing Trust management mechanisms do not meet the baseline requirements of modern complex corporations, risk strategies, and contractual situations. E&P firms, Drilling Contractors, and consequently their Service Companies conduct business each day with conflicting business models, fee structures, and high value contracts that are full of punitive clauses, severe penalties, and take or pay arrangements. Simultaneously, there is no consolidated reliable independent source of information or recorded events and occurrences within those contracts. This establishes an industry standard of Zero Trust. Contracts and operations place hundreds of millions of dollars at stake so disputes typically end up in court & companies take on massive financial and safety risk.

Using Apollo


Zero Config Install

Apollo shows up to your site ready to collect data. Advanced configuration is optional through an embedded web application. By default, Apollo stores data at remote location for 30 days.


Building Block

Apollo can be configured to push or expose polling interfaces to external data end points. Push data back to your corporate datacenter without touching code. Apollo integrates with other OASYS products on location, such as OASYS' wireless sensor package.

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