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Smart Iron

Mission critical machinery is missing proper instrumentation to resolve true machine state. Sensor packages coupled with data analytics provides missing insight into drilling processes.

OT Data

Operations Technology data produced from field systems cannot be integrated with traditional IT approaches. OASYS delivers IIoT systems providing access to dark data.


Workshops and strategy sessions with the focus of identifying problems and evaluating technology-driven solutions.

Additional services


Product Development

Building software is difficult. Drilling Oil & Gas wells is challenging. Doing both with excellence approaches impossible. OASYS works with your team to build & deliver "solutions in a box".


Technical Project Management

Clients' teams know where they want to go, probably have brilliant engineers, but struggle to reach kick-off. OASYS provides leadership and boots on the ground direction to lead projects from vendor sourcing to final deployment.


OASYS does not sell technologies, technologies are packaged into solutions. The OASYS team has experience integrating the following open technologies...

Open Automation

Proprietary controls & automation system threaten systemic longevity and carry large price tags. Companies in other Oil & Gas sectors and industries abroad are realizing the value of software defined industrial systems.

  • Interoperable: Connect and control anything with easy integration.
  • Modular: System components are interchangable.
  • Portable: Build once, deploy across multiple platforms and hardware targets.
  • Upgradeable: Software and hardware are decoupled such that each can be upgraded independently.
  • Extensible: Built on open standards & interfaces such that applications features can be added.

Edge Analytics

A digital drilling operation has an abundance of data, which implies opportunity to create new top line value while slashing operating expenditures. Other industries have experienced impressive wins integrating data-scence into their operations. Cloud based implementations are difficult to deliver to oil & gas due to remote operating locations. OASYS utilizes client's historical data to build models in the cloud, while the production system processes data at the edge (on the rig).

  • Safety & Risk mitigation monitoring and analysis
  • Predictive maintenance systems
  • Drilling & operations efficiency monitoring
  • Drilling guidance & optimization applications

Blockchain - Smart Contracts & Trust

Coming Soon!

Industrial Integration of Things (IIoT)

The internet is buzzing with vendors pushing Industrial Internet of Things ("IIoT") technologies. OASYS leverages OT Data integration experience to connect the unconnected using bespoke and Commercial Off the Shelf ("COTS") technologies. Operations decisions are difficult or costly, because operational data...

  • Dark or Incomplete - Sub-GHz wireless data ingestion technology
  • Does Not Exist - Machine instrumentation
  • Slow or Not Timely - Edge software systems proven up to 1.3M samples per second
  • Fragmented or Siloed - One API to all of your systems
  • Indecipherable - Contextual data models create #DigitalReality. Virtual presentation of the real world.

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